Hawkes Bay Rugby Referees Association

AGM held 5.30pm Monday 28th February 2022

Referees & Players’ Lounge HBRU CTC Napier


Life Members; Boof Madden, Bruce Dockary, Jim Yeoman.

HBRRA Members (15); Keith Groube, Brent Malone, Nick Hogan, Stephen Dine, Barry van Heerden, Ian Cadwallader, Danny Gough, Dean Chamberlain, Tipene Cottrell, Sheldon Eden-Whaitiri, John Harland, Alan Mettrick, Stefan Kirk, Dan Waenga, Scott Klem.

Visitors; Bec’s Warren HBRU, Jay Campbell HBRU CEO, Sean Davies HBRU.


Nick Wakefield, Les Mockford, Philip Irwin, Luke Shadbolt, Jono Bredin, Jarrod Graham, Duke Smith – Holley, Warren Willacy, Thomas Makea, Mark Johnson.

Moved to be accepted by Jim Yeoman / Bruce Dockary   Carried


Keith Groube did an evacuation procedure and reminder for Covid 19 scanning or register.

Opening and welcomes

In lieu of the President not being present due to an injury Brent Malone opened the HBRRA AGM and chaired the meeting.

Life members


Minutes from the 2021 AGM held on Monday 22nd February 2021.

These were tabled and presented as a true and accurate record.

No matters arising.

Moved to accept Brent Malone / Barry van Heerden       Carried



Presidents Report

This was read out to the meeting by Keith Groube in Philip Irwin’s absence.

Record on file

Moved to accept Barry van Heerden / Tipene Cottrell      Carried

Chairman’s report

This was read out to the meeting by Brent Malone

Record on file

Moved to accept Alan Mettrick / Barry van Heerden        Carried

Presentation of Annual Accounts

Financial report table and spoken to by Stephen Dine.

After expecting a loss for the last financial year, the HBRRA ended up with a profit of $1611.

Due to Covid the HBRRA did not seek funding from the sponsors for the past season.

Fund raising by the HBRRA members was well supported and brought in around $8k

Prize Giving for 2021 was held in December so this cost will carry over into next year’s financials (will show 2 x prize giving costs)

$5k write off for old gear.

Financially the balance is slightly up on last year at $149381.

Bruce Dockary asked if there was a better return that we could be looking at for the $85k that is on deposit at an investment rate of 1%. E.g. bonds or managed funds.

Bonds / Managed Funds have costs. With the market being so low we are more comfortable with short term investments at this stage and allows us quicker access to our funds.

John Harland asked what we are doing with the old uniforms and what can we keep.

We will keep ‘Unbranded jerseys and Tees’ and use these for 1st year refs and associate referees. The rest will be sent to one of the islands.

Moved to accept the annual accounts Stephen Dine / Jim Yeoman              Carried




Jay Campbell HBRU CEO had a few quick words. Welcome to life members. Congratulating the HBRRA on a good financial report and how the HBRRA members preformed over the past season on field and off field. General big thanks to everyone for what they do.

Sean Davies HBRU Club Development Manager, paid tribute to the work Gary Macdonald had done before him. Sean appreciates what the HBRRA members do for the game. At this stage there are 7 additional teams for the season involving Women’s, colts, and lower senior teams.

Election of officers

Patron (current Les Mockford)

Les Mockford was nominated by Brent Malone and seconded by Bruce Dockary

Les was not available for the meeting but has accepted his nomination prior to the AGM.

No further nominations were received. LM patron for 2022.

President (current Phil Irwin – available for re-election)

Phil Irwin was nominated by Brent Malone and seconded by Jim Yeoman

Philip was unable to attend the meeting due to injury but has accepted his nomination prior to the AGM.

No further nominations were received. PI President for 2022.

Chairman (current Brent Malone – available for re-election)

Brent Malone was nominated by Danny Gough and seconded by Alan Mettrick

No further nominations received. BM Chairman for 2022.

Executive board members (4) (current Mark Johnson, Danny Gough, Jim Yeoman and Tipene Cottrell)

Jim Yeoman and Tipene Cottrell due to stand down by 2-year rotation and were available for re-election.

Jim Yeoman nominated by Stephen Dine and seconded by Brent Malone

Tipene Cottrell nominated by Danny Gough and seconded by Sheldon Eden-Whaitiri

No further nominations were received. JY and TC Executive Board members for 2022.

Treasurer (current Stephen Dine)

Stephen Dine was nominated by Keith Groube and seconded by Brent Malone.

No further nominations were received. SD Treasurer for 2022.

Secretary (current Keith Groube)

Keith Groube was nominated by Stephen Dine and seconded by Bruce Dockary.

No further nominations were received. KG secretary for 2022.

Appointment of Financial reviewer

Stephen Dine tabled that we accept Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Audit Limited as the HBRRA financial reviewer for 2022.  Moved at accept BTSR as financial reviewer Stephen Dine / Brent Malone           Carried

Subscriptions for 2022

The executive recommended that the subscriptions for 2022 be $65 and increases to $75 if paid after 1st May 2022.  Only financial members are entitled to apply for interchange and any end of year travel reimbursements.

Moved to accept Keith Groube / Brent Malone   Carried

Out of pocket expenses

Jim Yeoman moved that the out-of-pocket expenses for 2022 remain the same as 2021 at $3400.

Seconded by Danny Gough         Carried

General Business

Congratulations to Nick Hogan, Nick will be on the international 7’s circuit.

Sheldon EW asked about interchange for 2022. At this stage we have confirmed Marlborough for the weekend of 28th May. Keith G will follow up with BOP, PBay and Wellington.

With no further business Brent Malone closed the meeting at 1810.

(Due to best practice and Covid no post meeting refreshments were had)

Signed by Chairman

Brent Malone _____________________________