28. EXTRA TIME RULE as per the HBRU Handbook 2023
In the event of a draw where games must reach outright result i.e. quarter final, semi-final or final, the following rules apply:
a. At full time where there is a draw, there will be a two (2) minute break at the end of full time, before continuing with one (1) extra ten (10) minute period.  The toss of a coin will determine who kicks off and, or direction of play.
b. Only substitutions who have not been used during the game can be used during extra time.
c. The winner will be determined by GOLDEN POINT. This is the team that first scores points through a try, penalty or drop goal during extra time.

d. If no one scores any points during extra time, then the winner will be determined by,

1) The most tries scored in the match.

2) If still tied, then the winner will be determined by who won the last match during round robin play.

3) If they did not meet in round robin play the winner will be determined by the better overall points differential.